How Can We Sell Cheaper Wooden Plantation Shutters?

The Little White Shutter Company buys it's Plantation Shutters directly from the factory to bring you the lowest possible prices. We make such high volume sales, and we get the very best discounts, yet we still provide the same features and quality you would expect from a high end product.

We also handle our our importation, and save money there also. But that's not the only reason why we are able to bring you a better price.....

Extended Delivery Time

We have made an agreement with the factory that we will only ship Plantation Shutters in large sea containers to reduce the export/import costs. This does mean that the overall production and delivery time can be from 8-12 weeks depending on how busy the factory is. The production and shipment time is the only element of the process that we cannot control, however, we think it's worth waiting that little bit extra to acheieve a much lower price and high quality.

Low Overheads

We keep a low overhead cost, and keep a small sales and installations team. This means that we can pass the savings we make on to you!

The Order Process

Order your Plantation Shutters, we receive a CAD drawing of your shutters and check them, the factory produces the shutters, they are then shipped by sea and delivered to us, we call to fit your shutters (or deliver if DIY)

Ordering is easy!

You can order by:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • We can visit you