Plantation Shutters Colours and Shapes

Standard Plantation Shutter Colours

We have a large range of standard colours that you can choose from for our Wooden Shutters. There are actually 8 painted colours that we use as standard (if you include Pure White which is not shown here).

Usually this range suits most customers, however, should you require a special colour, we can make it - no problem. See below for more details. Our Standard Wooden Shutter colour range carries 3 shades of white which will match most white paintwork.

We also carry 4 shades of cream, which is fast becoming a popular choice as customer start to experiment with interesting colour combinations.

You can also select any of these colours for our PVC range of shutters. This is especially useful if you want to match the bathroom shutter to the rest of the house.

Wooden Plantation Shutter Colours1 Wooden Plantation Shutter Colours2 Wooden Plantation Shutter Colours3 Wooden Plantation Shutter Colours4 Wooden Plantation Shutter Colours5

Custom Colours for Wooden Shutters

For small additonal cost, we can match any Dulux or Farrow & Ball colour. We don't actually use Dulux or F&B paints, but we simply take the colour swatch and have paint made to those colours.

In addition, we can take any colour sample that you give us, and send it to the factory to be copied. Virtually any colour can be acheived!

Farrow&Ball Plantation Shutter Dulux Plantation Shutter
Bathroom Plantation Shutter

Plantation Shutters in Special Shapes

We can make Wooden Shutters into any virtually any shape.