Wooden Plantation Shutters

Tiglio Basswood Shutters

Tiglio Basswood Plantation Shutters

Our Basswood Range of Wooden Shutters is our best selling product. It looks good painted or stained, and is very stable and lightweight. The grain is subtle when stained, and not visible when painted in white or cream.
  • Available in 47mm, 63mm, 89mm, 115mm louvres
  • Four panels can be hinged from on side - no problem!
  • Available with Tracking system if required
  • High strength bullet magnets used
  • Special shapes and Tier-on-Tier
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ECO-SHUTTER | PVC Plantation Shutters

Eco-Shutter PVC Plantation Shutters are the perfect solution for a bathroom or wetroom. The construction is entirely of celluar foam PVC, therefore it cannot rot, warp, or split due to excess moisture or water damage. Eco-shutters can be painted to any colour from our range.
  • Available in 63mm or 89mm louvres only
  • Can be painted to any colour
  • We recommend a maximum of two panels be hinged from on side
  • Indistinguishable with real wood!
Please note that hinges may be affected by excess moisture over the long term, but they are easily replaceable and available as spare parts.

We Only Use the Best Wood for Our Wooden Plantation Shutters

Only the best wood is used

Please Remember.... We Do Not Sell MDF Plantation Shutters!

The Little White Shutter Company supply and install only high quality hardwood plantation shutters. Have a look at these photos of MDF Plantation Shutter finishes. You will notice an orange peel effect in the paint. This is because MDF doesn't absorb paint like real wood, and paint has to sit on top of the wood to dry.
Indeed, MDF is cheapr than real wood for obvious reasons, but don't worry, you'll find the price of our real hardwood plantation shutters to be very close, and in some cases cheaper than our competitors who use MDF!